Aidan & Esther

On Saturday September 19th, Laurence and I travelled down to Tresaith, South Wales to photographs Aidan & Esther’s big day! Aidan & Esther’s beach nuptials had us at hello! The weather couldn’t have been any more perfect. From the beach setting of Aberporth to the subtle, casual elegance of the bridesmaid’s dresses Esther had chosen in shades of blush mauve, every single detail added up to organic beachside chic! The preperation for this wedding was very much a family affair! Family worked with the couple to bring their vision of a natural beach wedding with a slightly rustic, wild touch to life, and Lydia Allen created bouquets and centerpieces with unique arrangements! Esther was the picture-perfect beach bride with simple yet sophisticated hair and makeup accompanying her beautiful lace gown. We’re swept away by these lovely images!